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Stainless-steel rod

Ref : BIR004

Description : Stainless-steel rod 11 cm
Packaging : 100

BIRDWIRE anti-bird rods are made of stainless-steel.
Their flat head has a hole with rounded edge to avoid wear on the cable caused by friction.
The other end of the rod is chamfered for easy insertion in the anchor rivet

On wide cornices where pigeons settle, 11 cm supports are recommended to vary cable heights every 0,60 m.

• Protected width : 3 cm.

  • Stainless-steel rod
Anchor rivets

Ref : BIR010

Description : BIRDWIRE 25 mm anchor rivets
Packaging : 100

BIRDWIRE anchor rivets are used to attach stainless-steel rods or round splits pins to stone, brick or other suitable materials..

They are made of highly-resistant thermoplastic nylon.

Their flattened head fits closely to the surface to be protected and the form of the fluted ridge located at the end of the rivet secures it firmly.

  • Anchor rivets

Ref : BIR009

Description : BIRDWIRE spring
Packaging : 100

These springs are specially made from stainless-steel and have a small opening in the ring at one end to facilitate attachment to stainless-steel rods or round split pins.

  • Spring

Ref : BIR012

Description : BIRDWIRE clamps
Packaging : 100

Nickel-plated copper BIRDWIRE crimps are used to fix the cable to stainless-steel rods or to the round splits pins.

  • Clamps

Ref : BIR001

Description : BIRDWIRE stainless-steel cable
Packaging : 100 m spool

A seven-strand stainless-steel cable covered with UV-stabilised nylon, with a total diameter of 0,7 mm and a tensile strength of 22 kg.

  • stainless-steel cable
Stainless-steel gutter rod

Ref : BIR019

Description : Stainless-steel gutter rod
Packaging : 10

Stainless-steel gutter rods can be used to fix the cable to the rim of virtually all gutters.
They must be attached to the gutter every 0,60 m with the bolt placed inside the gutter.

The serrated jaw of the clamp prevents the rod from sliding sideways.

• Protected width : 3 cm.

  • Stainless-steel gutter rod
Stainless-steel roof rod

Ref : BIR026

Description : Stainless-steel roof rod
Packaging : 10

Ideal for protecting the edges of roof is fixed on the tile, spaced at intervals of 0,60 m.

• Protected Width: 3 cm.

  • Stainless-steel roof rod


Ref : SEL003
Description : Selcleaning
Packaging : Bidon 1 litre

Préparation :

1 litre dans 4 litres d'eau = 5 litres de nettoyant

Pin eye bolt

Ref : NET080
Description : Hook 4,8cm drill bit
Packaging : Unit
Pin eye bolt

• Special windows.

• Used with BIRDWIRE cable to protect edge of the window.